welcome to Karen South School

Karen South School is a boys boarding school only offering the National Curriculum of 8-4-4. It was founded on the philosophy that "Knowledge is Power". We believe in empowering the learner to face the challenges of a dynamic world through superior knowledge anchored on good discipline and moral values.

Our Facilities

Science Laboratory

Where experiments are done and typically contains equipment, beakers, burners and other tools necessary to complete experiments.

Computer Laboratory

Our school has a provision for computer study with fully equiped computer laboratory to allow smooth learning and testing.


The school library is integral to the teaching and learning process which ensures each student has equitable access to resources.

Counselling Room

School counseling service is available for students to help them to enjoy their school lives thus provision of a counseling room

A Display of our classrooms

Our classrooms provides improved learning conditions thus encouraging students to engage in their education and to improve performance.


Playground display

Our playground grounds provides a safe place for our students to play and relax their mind after a long day of study.


Means of Transport

The school bus and van are used for carrying students to and from school, home, and school events.

School Bus

Well equiped library

This ensures equitable access to resources irrespective of home opportunities or constraints.


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